About Us

Mark, Howard, Lisa, Damon

Mark Hickler

Grew up Massachusetts in a home where singing and making music was a family pastime.  He got serious about the banjo as a teenager and later began to study guitar.  After moving to Arizona in 2001 Mark immersed himself in the available musical opportunities including volunteer teaching young people in the Jam Pak Blues 'n' Grass Neighborhood band.

Howard Anderson

Has been playing banjo and singing traditional high tenor since 1975 and was a member of the "BluegrAZ Express" for 20 years. He started playing guitar in 1965 and started learning the banjo in 1975 when he lived in Virginia. Howard was in several bands there and calls himself a "Virginia trained banjo player."

Lisa Roberts

Has played mandolin for several years and plays traditional chops and lead. She also sings lead on many songs and provides harmony on others. Lisa is originally from Florida and has lived in Virginia, Texas and now, Arizona. Lisa has loved bluegrass music as long as she can remember.

Damon Davis

Has played guitar for many years and now plays the doghouse bass with Shasta Daylight. He is a Kentucky native and has heard bluegrass music his entire life. He provides solid bass rhythm for the band.


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Three-part harmony - Mark, Howard, Lisa